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Noncredit CB21 Meeting, Part 2

Friday, September 18, 2009
10AM - 4PM
North Orange County CCD - Anaheim Campus
1830 West Romneya Drive, Anaheim, 92801

Thank you for your interest. Registration is now closed. Please register on-site if you would like to attend.

Rubric for CB 21 (Word)
Ethnicity Data (Word)
Noncredit CB21 Presentation (Powerpoint)  
Agenda (Word)
Assignment (Word)
A Guide to Noncredit Accountability (PDF)


ATTENTION: Noncredit faculty, managers, and administrators actively involved in Noncredit Basic Skills (ABE and ASE), ESL, Math, English, and Reading!

We need your participation to finalize the CB21 rubrics to be used to code noncredit courses and track noncredit student progress in the areas of noncredit elementary and secondary basic skills (ABE and ASE) and ESL. These codes are used for noncredit accountability reports to the state and legislature so it is critical that we are able to more accurately demonstrate student success in noncredit!

In the May 2009 Noncredit CB21 meeting, noncredit faculty came together in the first stage to create noncredit rubrics describing the levels and progression through basic skills courses. The faculty used the credit rubrics as a reference and created rubrics appropriate to those levels of noncredit leading to transfer-to-college level courses.

In order to complete this work and correct the current MIS coding used to report noncredit success, we are asking you to help us with two things:

  • Provide input on the draft rubrics through an online survey and
  • Attend a meeting to finalize the rubrics in each discipline on Friday, September 18, at the North Orange County CCD, Anaheim Campus from 10 - 4 PM. 

This very valuable work will require some of your time, but we really need the input from you, the faculty discipline experts. Here is what we need you to do:

1. Review the background on the CB 21 project, goals and guidelines at this website http://www.cccbsi.org/bsi-rubric-information
2. Get copies of the course outlines you teach.
3. Review the DRAFT noncredit rubrics, found on the same website http://www.cccbsi.org/bsi-rubric-information and determine whether the current rubrics adequately describe outcomes or exit skills common to your courses at the appropriate levels. Remember:

a. The rubrics are not comprehensive of everything taught in the courses.
b. The rubrics describe exit skills or outcomes that would be universally common among community colleges.
c. Rubrics were better if the descriptions are similar at each level and increase in expertise, rather than just being unrelated expectations.

4. Use the survey at  http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=CUIVYVHYZi8ZixsYgLIOVg_3d_3d to give us feedback to improve the rubrics before September 15.

There will not be time for further revision or vetting of these rubrics in the noncredit field, so it is very important for each noncredit campus to give feedback online and/or make sure that someone from your college attends this meeting to represent each of the disciplines of noncredit basic skills, ESL, English, mathematics, and reading.

The draft rubrics and survey will be sent out later in August.

There is no registration fee associated with this meeting. You will need to cover your travel and we will provide lunch and a great professional development opportunity with your colleagues across the state.

We invite you to share this website with anyone else willing to provide feedback for the rubrics and/or attend the meeting.  It is very important for each noncredit program to send representatives from the disciplines of ESL, English, mathematics, reading, ABE and ASE.

Looking forward to working with you and hope to see you!

For more information contact:
Janet Fulks, Academic Senate Noncredit Committee Chair

Materials for Review
While we are not creating or endorsing standards we have linked some of the standards from various states and departments of education to review. Credit faculty used these references when they created the credit rubrics. We are looking to explain our courses not have these items define our courses! Please print and review the documents indicated under your specific discipline. 

ICAS Statement on Competencies in Mathematics Expected of Entering College Students (Word | PDF)
AMATYC/IMACC Crossroads in Mathematics

Relevant Other Reading
College Board Standards (pages iv thru vii)
Washington State Transition Mathematics Project (TMP) College Readiness Mathematics Standards 

ICAS/Academic Literacy: A Statement of Competencies Expected of Students Entering California's Public Colleges and Universities

Relevant Other Reading
Teaching Writing in California Community Colleges: Implications
IMPAC Course Descriptor English

ICAS/Academic Literacy: A Statement of Competencies Expected of Students Entering California's Public Colleges and Universities

Relevant Other Reading
Academic Standards for reading, writing, speaking and listening from Pennsylvania Dept.of Education

California Pathways

Relevant Other Reading
English Language Proficiency (ELP) Standards

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