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The Senate’s numerous past BSI Workshop presenters are a rich resource for colleges.  Since many colleges have requested more information about specific practices or programs that have been showcased at these BSI Workshops, the Senate has created an Online Resource List of presenters, allowing colleges to create their own workshops and tailor them to their individual  needs.  The Senate has compiled a list of previous presenters using the following criteria:  Presenters are knowledgeable, organized, dependable, and engaging; they can present on programs or practices that have demonstrated efficacy, portability, and sustainability. 

Presentations are available in the following categories: 
    Effective Classroom Practices    
    First Year Experience and Bridge Programs        
    Learning Communities    
    Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction    
    CTE and Contextualized Learning   
    Linking Student and Learning Support and Instruction


Online Resource List: Categories and Presenters:  Click Here

Colleges that use this list should contact the desired presenter to determine his or her availability and make arrangements for the workshop/presentation.  The requesting college will pay a stipend and all travel costs for the presenter.  Stipends for a local workshop are $500; stipends for out of area workshops are $750.   Colleges should contact the desired presenter no later than one month before a requested presentation and provide the following information:

1.      Topic and date of workshop/presentation
2.      Expectations of the presenter and presentation
3.      Intended audience (who and how many)
4.      Length of time required
5.      Type of presentation requested
6.      Desired outcomes for the college

If the presenter agrees to the workshop/presentation, he or she will notify the Senate at, provide an outline of the presentation at least two weeks in advance and request the following information from the college:  

1.      Contact person
2.      Necessary background
3.      Facilities for presentation of workshop
4.      Policy for travel reimbursement
5.      Arrangements for duplicating materials
6.      Availability of support staff

After the workshop/presentation, the college should contact the Senate to complete a short evaluation to determine whether the presenter and presentation met the college’s expectations.  

Online Resource List: Categories and Presenters:  Click Here

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