Resources From Colleges


Below are links to mathematics courses that other colleges have developed as alternatives to Intermediate Algebra to satisfy the 2009 graduation requirements.

Geometry from Foothill College (Word 51KB)
Geometry from Lake Tahoe College (Word 85KB)
Math for the Associate Degree from Ohlone College (PDF 29KB)
Three semester algebra sequence from Southwestern College (Word 29KB)
Quantitative Reasoning from Yuba College (PDF 35KB)
Algebraic Reasoning from Solano College
Math for Health Occupations from Solano College
Applied Intermediate Algebra from Chabot College (Word 48KB)
Technical Intermediate Algebra & Geometry from San Diego City College (PDF 75KB)
The Beauty of Mathematics from Solano College
Algebra with Applications from Modesto Junior College (PDF)

For developing your own “or equivalent course” that is still in the mathematics department, you may wish to choose from the following list of topics. (Word 33KB)

If your college has developed a course to satisfy the new mathematics graduation requirement, and that course is offered outside of the mathematics department, please email the course outline to the Project Director.

Some colleges are considering offering themed sections of intermediate algebra. The college transcript would list the course as "Intermediate Algebra." The word problems and applications would be themed to specific career and technical education programs.

English Writing

Below are links to English courses that other colleges have developed as alternatives to College Composition to satisfy the 2009 graduation requirements.

Journalism 101F, Reporting & Writing, from Fullerton College (Word 27KB)
College Composition and Reading, from Merritt College (Word 111KB)
IMPAC Course Descriptor English

Mathematics Anxiety

Below are links to math anxiety courses that colleges have developed to promote increased student success in mathematics courses.

Math 20, Managing Math Anxiety from Antelope Valley College (Word 34KB)
Math 21, Math Study Strategies from Antelope Valley College (Word 29KB)
Humanities 56, Mind Over Math from De Anza College (Word 36KB)
Math 96, Strategies for Math Success from Mt. San Antonio College (PDF 37KB)
Counseling 61, Math Without Fear from Solano Community College
Counseling 60.1, Overcoming Math Anxiety from Santa Rosa Junior College (Word 103KB)
Math Anxiety Course, Mission College
Math 190, Math Anxiety from Glendale College (Word 27KB)

Student Support Services

Click on the items below for more information on Student Support services associated with English and mathematics initiatives. Please let us know if you have other initiatives to share.

Math Performance Success Program from De Anza College (Word 27KB)
Education 5, Strategies for Success from Los Medanos College (Word 63KB)
Counseling 60.2, Math Study Skills from Santa Rosa Junior College (Word 80KB)

Career Technical Education

Click on the items below for ideas developed by CCC faculty and administrators. If you have contributions for this topic, please email the Project Director.

Career Technical Education and Basic Skills: Implementing the Guidelines (Word 136KB)

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